The International Forum on Complementary Pathways for Admission to Third Countries will raise awareness and advocate for the expansion of complementary pathways for safe admission of refugees to third countries as a complementary channel of protection to the traditional durable solutions for refugees. These complementary routes directly contribute to equal responsibility-sharing and help meet three of the Global Compact on Refugees' (GCR) objectives. 

While focusing mainly on third country education and labour mobility pathways, the Forum gives participants the opportunity to identify and discuss the international institutional framework and the stakeholders involved in all forms of complementary pathways for admission. Additionally, the Forum presents best practices from different countries and regions in the world while being mindful of different challenges that might be faced, in order to strengthen advocacy efforts for the expansion of complementary pathways.  

This Forum is part of the pledges made by the Department at the Global Refugee Forum in 2019 to develop curricula focused on key areas in need of support of the GCR, building the capacities of governments, academic institutions, civil society and international organizations who could positively influence the protection of refugees, and facilitating the sharing of best practices and experiences among participants of an international background.