IHL in Depth Online Courses on IHL/LOAC This course will take key themes of IHL and seek to provide participants with an in depth understanding of them using a combination of presentations, self-paced exercise work and interactive exercise work and debriefing. Themes to be examined are: i. Classification of conflict and its influence on operations; ii. Jus in Bello principles and their practical application; iii. Human Rights, Responsibility and Accountability; iv. Legal Aspects of working with partners; v. Future issues in IHL. The course will be delivered over a 4-6-week period involving two live sessions per week and self-paced sessions. The course will examine the practical implications for the conduct of operations of each of the major themes using exercise examples and discussion sessions. It will be delivered by a combination of academics and military presenters. The target audience is primarily lawyers working in the field whether in a military or civilian capacity although it would be valuable for military operators with some previous exposure to legal issues.