The International Institute of Humanitarian Law (IIHL) has a strong association with maritime law having sponsored the publication of the Sanremo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea. The Manual is globally recognised as a key reference book for naval practitioners and others. Professor Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg, one of the foremost experts in maritime and naval operations law, and one of the authors of the Sanremo Manual, will be a member of the teaching staff for this course. During the course we will also use the Sanremo ROE handbook. The course has also invited several subject matter experts on naval operations and the law from around the world to participate on the teaching staff.


The Naval Operations course will examine the legal regime affecting the planning and conduct of Naval Operations across the entire spectrum of conflict. This approach will provide participants with an opportunity to assess whether legal and operational gaps in the law exist and, if so, what steps can be taken to remedy the situation. Participants will examine the following:


a.     Law of the Sea principles relevant to naval operations

b.     International law and the use of force

c.     Rules of Engagement in the maritime context

d.     Maritime claims and disputes

e.     Maritime Law Enforcement  

f.      Anti-Piracy operations

g.     Drug Enforcement operations

h.     Terrorism and counter-proliferation issues

i.      Naval Warfare

j.      Peace operations in the maritime domain

Participants will receive a copy of the San Remo Manual on International Law Applicable to Armed Conflicts at Sea and the Sanremo Rules of Engagement Handbook for use during the course and to retain following course completion.